Nothing beats a day at the beach or a walk in the park. But when your doggo isn’t welcome, it can be tough to leave them at home.

Luckily for you and your fur baby, there are heaps of dog-friendly beaches and parks in Sydney to add to your bucket list of doggy days out.

These dog parks and beaches in Sydney are perfect for puppers who want to chase a ball, have a splash, and sniff some butts (of other dogs, of course).



Centennial Park – Eastern Sydney

If your best mate is a fan of cardio, you can’t go past Centennial Park. It offers around 154 hectares of designated off-leash areas, giving your doggo plenty of space to run wild and ‘go long’ with the frisbee or tennis ball. As one of the most popular dog parks in Sydney, you’re sure to find some furry new friends at this slice of lush green heaven in the city.

The park has both on- and off-leash walking areas, and waste bags can be found at the Visitor Information Centre. You’ll also find picnic areas, barbecue facilities, and children’s playgrounds for the human folk.

Scenery: 4/5

Walkability: 5/5

Amenities: 4/5


Sirius Cove Reserve – Mosman

For the water babies who love to get their paws wet, Sirius Cove Reserve is one of the quietest dog-friendly beaches in Sydney. The 250m-wide beach boasts shallow water your pooch will love splashing about in. There’s also an off-leash park where they can dry off and have a run around.

Dogs are allowed off-leash in the park, on the beach, and in the water all day long during the week, but this is restricted to before 9am and after 4pm on weekends and public holidays.

Pack a picnic and make the most of the large picnic area and children’s playground.

Scenery: 4/5

Walkability: 3/5

Amenities: 3/5


Sydney Park – Alexandria

With over 40 hectares of open space for running, jumping, and rolling, Sydney Park has the largest off-leash area in the inner city.

And because dogs are prohibited from entering the park’s ponds and wetlands, it boasts the city’s first ever dog-only pool, so your pupper can splash and paddle to their heart’s content.

Sydney Park also offers waste bags and bins, picnic and barbecue facilities, and a children’s playground.

Scenery: 3/5

Walkability: 4/5

Amenities: 4/5


Bayview Dog Park in Rowland Reserve – Bayview

Take your best mate for a wade in the shallow waters of Rowland Reserve, adjacent to the Bayview Dog Park. Both areas are consistently off-leash, giving your doggo full reign of the sand, sea, and grass – and the beach has a jetty for those airborne-doggo pics.

This small dog-friendly beach in Sydney can get busy on weekends, so we recommend rocking up early to snag a decent splash.

Not a fan of the smell of wet dog? Give your pooch some pampering at the mobile dog wash service that’s generally in the park on weekends. There’s also a coffee cart for the dog parents – or a cold beer at the dog-friendly Newport pub.

Scenery: 3.5/5

Walkability: 3/5

Amenities: 3/5


St Ives Showground – St Ives

Off-leash area? Check. Great fencing? Check. Forest for exploring? Check.

When it comes to weekend adventures, St Ives Showground has it all. And as if this wasn’t enough to keep your pooch amused, the showground hosts dog training on Saturdays, complete with agility courses for dogs of all sizes.

Even if your pup isn’t taking part, it’s worth spectating the other clever doggos giving it a go on the balance beam.

Scenery: 3.5/5

Walkability: 5/5

Amenities: 4/5

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