So you’ve finished moving and there’s a bunch of boxes sitting listlessly around your home. Now you’re wondering, “What do I do with my used boxes?”

Good question. Your options include:

  • Recycle them
  • Throw them away
  • Build a Christmas tree out of them for some reason
  • Leave them lying around your home until you need them again
  • Bring them back to National Storage and we’ll buy them back from you.

Yes, you read that correctly. National Storage centres will buy back used boxes originally bought from the Box Shop.

That’s a plus for the environment, a plus for your wallet, and a plus for humanity in general perhaps.


How Much Money You’ll Get Back

Assuming they’re in decent condition, this is generally how much we’ll pay you for each returned box:

  • Tea Chest Cartons: $1.00 each
  • Book Cartons: $0.80 each
  • Archive Cartons: $1.00 each
  • Flat Pack Cartons: $1.50 each
  • Picture / Mirror Cartons: $1.50 each
  • Port-a-Robes: $3.50 each
  • Monitor Cartons: $1.50 each


I’ve heard enough! Take me to the Box Shop.


FAQs About Buying Back Boxes

You’ve got questions about this – we can sense it. Here are the answers.

Do I need a receipt or something?

Yes, you’ll need proof of purchase. Sorry ‘bout it, box thieves.

How ‘decent’ do the boxes need to be?

The boxes need to be in reasonable, reusable condition for us to buy them back from you. Markings are generally fine, so don’t stress if you’ve written room names in permanent marker. However, if your boxes are torn, we’ll reject them faster than you can say “Natalie Imbruglia”.

The staff at your National Storage centre will make this call at their discretion on a box-by-box basis.

I have some boxes that I didn’t even use. Will you buy them back?

Gladly. And good on you for being over-prepared. We respect that.

But why do you buy boxes back?

Because we sell them again as second-hand boxes, of course! Lots of our customers love to use a mix of used and new boxes when they’re moving. In fact, our used boxes are so popular, you have to be lucky to get your hands on some – they often fly out the door as soon as they arrive.

Also, we’re big fans of the environment. Our boxes are already made out of recycled paper, obviously, and this buy-back program means they can be used twice (maybe even thrice). That’s 10 points for the environment right there.

I still have questions. Please help.

Give us a call or pop into your nearest centre. Our friendly staff will answer whatever questions you still have.

By the way, while you’re thinking about buying some boxes from us, you may want to join Jerry for a look at how much can fit in each type of box. When you’re ready to get moving, we’ll be ready with your packing supplies.