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Aug 04, 2017

Meet The Team: National Storage Chatswood

While some people may argue that Disneyland is the happiest place on earth, they’d be quite embarrassed to step inside a National Storage centre and see just how wrong they... read more
Aug 04, 2017

We Buy Back Our Used Boxes

So you’ve finished moving and there’s a bunch of boxes sitting listlessly around your home. Now you’re wondering, “What do I do with my used boxes?” Good question. Your options... read more
Jul 21, 2017

Storage Guide (Sports Edition!): How To Store Sporting Gear

Even the biggest sports nuts have an off season. Maybe you’re stowing away your fishing gear until summer. Or perhaps you want to know the best way to keep your... read more
Jul 13, 2017

Meet The Team: National Storage Albion

You may think celebrities are interesting. You might believe that authors and artists have the best stories to tell. Maybe you even consider musicians to be the most intriguing people... read more
Jun 21, 2017

Storage Guide (Nerd Edition!): How To Store Comics, Books, Video Games, Coins And Stamps

Attention: proud collectors, bookworms, and gamers. This special nerd edition of our Storage Guides series is for you if: You've been collecting comics since childhood You own more books than... read more
Jun 09, 2017

How Much Can You Fit In A Packing Box?

Meet Jerry. Jerry has agreed to help us demonstrate how big our packing boxes are. Actually, to be honest, we created him specifically to perform this task. So he didn't... read more
May 31, 2017

Small Room, Big Wardrobe: Top Tips For Storing Clothes

It’s a conundrum shared by men and women (OK, mostly women) all around the world: too many clothes, not enough wardrobe space. But what are we supposed to do? Throw... read more
May 05, 2017

Storage Guide: How To Store A Car

Looking for a temporary new home for your vehicle? Whether you’re planning an overseas adventure, need somewhere safe for your prized '67 Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow, or just have no plans to... read more
May 03, 2017

Self-Storage Stories: The Strangest Things Our Units Have Seen

When you think storage unit, there are a few things that come to mind. Furniture, appliances, perhaps even a rehearsal space for your crappy garage band. But not everyone uses... read more
Mar 29, 2017

5 Times You’ll Need Storage Throughout Your Life

Much like a tall husband, storage comes in handy many times throughout life. Whether you're moving home or taking off on a long-term adventure, your self-storage unit will have your back on... read more
Mar 27, 2017

Storage Guide: Removalists vs. Truck Or Trailer Hire

Congratulations. You’ve decided to hire one of our (super awesome and convenient) self-storage units and make your life easier in every way. Now comes the task of getting all your... read more
Feb 15, 2017

35 Storage Hacks For Your Home

A house doesn’t need to be huge to feel spacious. And you don’t need to be Martha Stewart to add some clever organisation to your home. With a couple of... read more