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You may think celebrities are interesting. You might believe that authors and artists have the best stories to tell. Maybe you even consider musicians to be the most intriguing people to talk to.

Well, you’re absolutely wrong and we don’t mind saying it.

Because it’s actually people who work at storage centres who are the most fascinating. National Storage centres, to be specific.

Now – lucky you – here’s your chance to get to know the team at National Storage Cockburn in Western Australia!

National Storage Cockburn


4 Fast Facts about National Storage Cockburn

1. National Storage Cockburn is next to Muzz Buzz and AAC Carwash, so you can get your morning coffee fix and make your car shine on the way to your storage unit!

AAC Carwash

2. This centre offers a storage unit size for every need, from compact 1m x 1m lockers right up to roomy 4.5m x 9m units.

3. They’re serious about security, with individual door alarms, CCTV surveillance, pin-coded gate access, and highly trained storage staff.

4. The team at our Cockburn centre are pretty confident you’ll love the fantastic service from stars Matt and Llanella!


Meet the Managers: Matt and Llanella

National Storage Cockburn manager

Meet Matt: Ready to wow you with his dazzling smile!


National Storage Cockburn manager

Meet Llanella: Her storage knowledge is as golden as her locks!


What’s the strangest thing Matt and Llanella have seen someone use their storage unit for?

Matt: A live snake in a glass enclosure. They had to contact a ranger to remove it as the customer was unable to.

Handy hint: Animals are not allowed in a storage unit. Please keep Mrs Slithers at home with you.

Llanella: “Adult” DVDs with mature-age actors according to the covers (yes, there were pictures!).



What item in the Box Shop best matches Matt and Llanella’s personalities?

Matt: Archive Box

Archive Box

Only Matt’s mum can tell them apart.

He says it’s because they’re both tough on the outside and organised on the inside.

Llanella: Wine Carton

Wine Carton

It’s 5 o’clock somewhere…

She says it’s because they’re for storing bubbles, and she’s very bubbly and happy.


What are Matt and Llanella’s favourite things about working for National Storage?

Matt: Working with Llanella.

Llanella: Working with Matt.

Aww, you guys!

National Storage Cockburn team

Describe the Cockburn team in 3 words:

“We rock, awesomely!”

(Their motto is we rock, apparently. We love it!)


Who is the funniest person on the team and why?

Llanella. She has a lot of ‘blonde’ moments to laugh at.


Is anyone on the team flexible enough to fit inside a tea chest carton?

Both Matt and Llanella – and here’s the proof!

National Storage Cockburn

Who left this box in the middle of the room?


National Storage Cockburn

Oh, it’s just Llanella looking for Narnia.


National Storage Cockburn

Matt prepares for his Cirque Du Soleil audition.


National Storage Cockburn

Please note: Neither Matt nor Llanella come with the tea chest carton. Sorry to disappoint!


If the team was trapped in a storage unit for 24 hours with only 1 song to play on repeat, what song would you choose?

Hotel California by The Eagles


If the team could build any famous monument out of cardboard, what would you build?

The Colosseum. Get building, guys – Rome wasn’t built in a day!


National Storage Cockburn

Meet the friendly team at National Storage Cockburn for yourself!

  • Call: 08 9434 1155
  • Visit: 69 Shallcross Street, Yangebup (the office is open 8am-5pm Monday to Friday, 9am-2pm Saturday. Customers can access their units between 5am-9pm, 7 days a week).


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