storage guides

Mar 27, 2017

Storage Guide: Removalists vs. Truck Or Trailer Hire

Congratulations. You’ve decided to hire one of our (super awesome and convenient) self-storage units and make your life easier in every way. Now comes the task of getting all your... read more
Feb 08, 2017

Storage Guide: Things You Can NOT Put Into Storage

Self-storage units can handle just about anything. Want to keep your valuables safe while you’re overseas? No problem. Need somewhere to store your boat in winter? Easy done. Looking to... read more
Jan 09, 2017

Storage Guide: How To Store Glassware And Crockery

As anyone who has said an involuntary goodbye to a few plates or glasses during a move will tell you, glassware and crockery like to be handled with a bit of TLC. Encasing everything... read more
Dec 07, 2016

Storage Guide: How To Store Appliances

Getting ready to pack up your household appliances and put them into storage? Not quite sure where to start? From the washer and dryer to the refrigerator and dishwasher, you’ll... read more
Nov 14, 2016

Storage Guide: How To Store Furniture

Planning to store some furniture? Before you fill up the trailer and drive to your storage unit, it’s important to properly prepare your items for storage. These tips for preparing your furniture for storage... read more
Oct 27, 2016

Storage Guide: How To Store Clothes And Fabric

Are you looking for a safe way to store your favourite fabrics? Perhaps you have accumulated a worldly collection of textiles from your travels, or your vintage clothing fascination has... read more