storage space vs living space

Feb 13, 2017

Brisbane: Storage Space vs. Living Space

Is your home overflowing with ‘stuff’? If your garage or spare room is jam-packed with excess belongings, the wasted space could be costing you more than you might think. Downsizing... read more
Jan 11, 2017

Sydney: Storage Space vs. Living Space

What would you value more: having a larger home that you didn't make full use of, or downsizing to a smaller property and pocketing the change? Continuing with our series on... read more
Dec 08, 2016

Melbourne: Storage Space vs. Living Space

Too much stuff taking up your space? Using your garage or spare room as a dumping ground for your excess belongings? You may be surprised by how much money you'd save... read more
Nov 16, 2016

Perth: Storage Space vs. Living Space

Is your spare room or garage full of unused items, special collections, or projects you’ll get around to ‘one day’? If your extra space is being wasted on stuff, you... read more