If clutter has ruled your house for too long and you have made the decision to clear some items and make space in your home, it’s time to consider the options for your excess possessions.

Whether you are feeling ruthless and determined to clear the clutter from your life for good, or you can’t bear to say goodbye to any of your beloved belongings, you do have choices. Let’s compare the 2 main ones.

Throw Out

Options To Clear The Clutter

If you have sorted through your excess items and concluded that you no longer want or need them, it’s time to get rid of them before you change your mind!

Donating unwanted goods to charity or second-hand stores, or taking a trip to the garbage tip, are ideal solutions for bidding farewell to unnecessary clutter.

Donate to Charity

If you have items that are still in considerably good condition, donating them to charity is a great way to get them off your hands while helping others. If you no longer have a use for them, giving others the chance to use and enjoy them ensures your unwanted belongings have a beneficial second life.

From clothes and books to homewares and furniture, charities and second-hand stores will be deeply appreciative of your donation. It’s a win-win!

Take a Trip to the Tip

Trying to justify holding onto something that is broken, worn or no longer operational? If it can’t be repaired, it’s time to lighten the load of clutter in your home with a trip (or 2) to the tip.

If an item no longer serves a purpose and you are only tempted to keep it for the sake of keeping it – and not because it is useful or makes you happy – it has to go!

Stow Using Self-Storage

Checking Out A Storage Unit

If the thought of abandoning your cherished possessions at the bottom of a rubbish dump is more than you can handle, renting a National Storage self-storage unit is the solution you’re looking for. There’s no need to say goodbye to your beloved items with one of our affordable and modern storage units, which will keep your items in great condition while freeing up space in your home.

Not sure if self-storage is right for you? Here are a couple of key benefits to consider while you weigh up your options.

Cost-Effective and Convenient

With affordable and flexible leases, it’s easy to stash your goods away in a self-storage unit and enjoy a tidy home. With locations all throughout Australia, there is sure to be a storage unit near your home, making it convenient to come and go as it suits you. You even have the option of requesting 24-hour access to your unit.

Safe and Secure

You are the only person who has access to your storage unit, which ensures your items remain secure and protected. Storing your goods in a clean storage unit also keeps your belongings in good condition while they are not in use.

Preparing Your Items for Storage is Easy

Preparing Boxes For Storage

Ensure your belongings stay in top shape by taking care to prepare them before you stow them. Furniture should be cleaned and free of dust, while breakables should be packed appropriately and stored on top of heavier items. Contrary to popular belief, you should avoid using plastic covers on mattresses and upholstered furniture, as these can increase the risk of mould growing in humid conditions.

Whitegoods such as fridges and washing machines should be clean and dry, with their doors ajar to prevent mould and odour.

Battle the clutter by ditching your excess belongings or safely securing them in one of our self-storage units. To discuss your options with our friendly team, contact us today.

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