Boxes and Bags

Our Range of Packing Boxes and Bags

All National Storage centres have packing boxes for sale, which can make moving house or moving items into storage an easier process for you. Not sure which size boxes you’ll need for your move? Not a problem. We offer small, medium and large packing boxes, and we find that people usually benefit from purchasing a combination of these.

On top of our regular boxes and bags, our centres can also provide you with cartons built to suit certain types of objects. For example, our Box Shop features:

  • Archive Boxes (best for documents DVDs and magazines)
  • Port-a-robes (best for suits, trousers, dresses, jackets and pants)
  • Slider cartons (best for bulky but fragile items)
  • Flat pack boxes (best for clothes, linen and blankets)
  • Picture / mirror cartons (best for framed artworks, mirrors and similar items)
  • Computer monitor cartons (best for TVs, computer monitors and miscellaneous objects such as toys or shoes)

If you’re wondering where to buy packing boxes, look no further than National Storage. No matter what you’re moving or how much stuff you need to relocate, we have the boxes and bags to help you transition smoothly into your new home or get your possessions ready for storage.

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