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Do you have stacks of paperwork cluttering your office? Or has your ‘store room’ become a danger zone? If files or products are taking up space in your workplace, it’s time to take action.

By using one of our commercial storage units, you’ll have a better chance of creating an organised and clutter-free environment for your business. This can contribute to:

  • A more attractive aesthetic for impressing clients
  • Less stress for your management team, as your stock or paperwork is kept secure, organised and out of the way
  • Increased motivation and productivity from your employees, as their workspace is more welcoming and less distracting.

A business storage unit can also be a valuable investment if you run an online store – particularly if your products have outstayed their welcome in your garage, or if your inventory no longer fits in your home study.

Business Storage Features

  • Stock Dispatch: Handled with Care

    In many circumstances, our team can arrange to receive and dispatch your stored products as required. This means your company will be poised to respond to delivery orders more rapidly and cost-efficiently. If desired, make sure to discuss this with your centre’s staff to check the availability and details of this additional service.

    Our Australia-wide coverage makes our receipt/dispatch offer a valuable add-on, even for businesses with customers throughout the country. Contact us to discuss how National Storage can become the missing piece in your company’s logistical puzzle.

  • Records Management

    Every business has legal obligations to retain records for 7 years (or longer in some cases). Failing to do so can land you in hot water with the ATO. But keeping track of every receipt, invoice and file isn’t as easy as it sounds when you already have limited storage space in your workplace. Whether the archiving responsibility falls on the boss or the intern, it’s easy for documents to get mislabelled or misplaced – and this can lead to a nightmare when the next records review or audit arises.

    The solution? Off-site records management. We  offer records management in North Melbourne, simply contact the North Melbourne records team and tell us how many records you need us to manage, and we will create a tailored solution for you.

    Read more about our records management service.

  • Climate Control

    Do you have specific products, such as pharmaceuticals, whitegoods, electronics or artworks, which need to be stored in certain conditions? National Storage can customise a unit for you that is kept at a particular temperature or humidity level – or both, depending on your requirements. We know a climate-controlled storage space can be hard to find or create in your own workplace, which is why many of our commercial clients are thrilled to learn that we can offer this.

What We Offer Commercial Clients

Around 25% of our clients are commercial, so we have a thorough understanding of what businesses need from their self-storage. Our units are cost-effective and practical, providing you with:

  • A secure, monitored environment for storing your business items
  • Convenient 7-day/week access
  • Flexible sizing options (you only pay for what you need)
  • Security gates and CCTV cameras
  • Boxes and packaging supplies that can be bought on site as needed
  • A flexible billing plan to suit your needs
  • 24-hour site managers at various centres.

Using a National Storage unit will leave your business with more space to work with, while also helping you overcome common logistical headaches like inventory overflow, inefficient stock management and seasonal fluctuations in product demand.

Australian businesses have been enjoying the benefits of our units for years. Whatever your needs or circumstances, we can supply you with the ideal commercial storage solution. Get a free quote or get in touch.

Why choose National Storage?

We don’t just keep your belongings secure at National Storage – we also offer a number of features and services that keep our commercial customers coming back.

  • Excellent Access Hours

    Need to get to your stock ASAP? Thanks to our early morning and late night opening hours (and the option of 24/7 access at most of our locations), you can access your belongings whenever you need. Your storage unit acts as an extension of your business, so you can come and go as you please.

  • Easy Payment

    Forget about complicated bills. National Storage provides a simple payment system to make your business storage even easier. Our monthly renewable contract means you’re automatically billed for the next month when your rent expires. You’ll receive your invoice two weeks in advance, so you have plenty of time to give notice should you choose to move out. If you have storage at more than one location, we can even centralise your billing so you receive a single invoice, if that’s your preference.

  • Huge Range of Sizes

    Every business is different. That’s why we offer a wide selection of storage unit sizes. From 1.5m x 1.5m right up to 8m x 3m, whether you’re storing a pile of archive boxes or your entire inventory, we have the perfect unit for your needs. We can also upsize or downsize in line with your business needs.

  • Vehicle Lock-Up Spaces

    We provide shared, secure, outdoor storage space and private, protected, undercover units for your company vehicle. This means you have the choice to keep your vehicle in its own private lock-up space if you prefer not to share.

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