Boat Storage

If you’re looking for somewhere to store your boat, canoe or jet ski that is close to home, a National Storage water vehicle storage space is the solution for you. Marinas are often expensive and rarely conveniently located, but we offer an affordable and handy alternative.

Whether you need short- or long-term boat storage, if your boat is on a trailer, we can provide you with a secure hardstand space for it for as long as you require. This allows you to keep your boat in top condition while you’re not using it, whether for the winter period or for several years.

Benefits of Storing Your Boat

Whether you want to keep your boat protected during the cooler months or your garage doesn’t provide enough space for your vehicle, our boat storage options provide a simple solution.

Storing your boat gives you:

  • Security for your vessel
  • Protection from natural elements (e.g. sunlight and hail)
  • Protection from other risk factors (e.g. other vehicles or falling branches)
  • Lower risk of being stolen or vandalised.

Boat storage helps to keep your vehicle clean, dry and out of the weather, giving you valuable peace of mind.


The professional team at National Storage will treat your boat with the utmost care. You can look forward to:

  • Flexible arrangements
  • Quick and convenient access to your boat
  • Undercover storage out of the harsh weather
  • Free, no-obligation quotes.

Protect your vessel with our superior water vehicle storage.

Boat Storage FAQs