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Motorbike Storage

Is riding your motorcycle a hobby reserved for the weekend or holidays? Need a place to put it to rest for winter hibernation? If you can’t justify having your bike or scooter taking up valuable space in your garage or sitting outside while not in use, motorbike storage is the solution for you.

National Storage provides convenient and reliable storage options to keep your motorbike secure and out of the way. The perfect alternative to keeping your vehicle at home when you’re too busy to ride, our large storage units also have enough room for your tools, spare tyres, parts and accessories.

Our clean and dry storage spaces keep your bike in top condition until it’s time to hit the road again.

Benefits of Storing Your Motorbike or Scooter

Whether you’re a Harley Davidson fan looking for somewhere safe to keep your prized bike, or you simply need to clear space in your garage, motorcycle storage is the answer.

Storing your motorbike gives you:

  • Extra security for your bike
  • Protection from the weather (e.g. rain, hail and high temperatures)
  • Protection from other hazards (e.g. tree branches and other vehicles)
  • Lower risk of vandalism or theft
  • Increased space in your garage
  • Lower insurance costs (some providers offer discounted insurance costs for people who generally keep their vehicle stored in a secure storage facility).
  • The ability to keep all your motorbike-related items in one place.

With a motorbike storage unit, you’ll be able to maintain your vehicle’s good looks while reducing the risk of damage or theft.

Motorbike Storage FAQs

  • What kind of security do your storage centres have?

    Our centres all feature 24/7 CCTV surveillance cameras, and some locations also require PIN-coded access. Your unit will be padlocked and – at some centres – individually alarmed. You will be the only person with the key to your storage space.

  • What if something happens to my motorbike while in storage?

    We recommend organising insurance for your motorbike before you put it in storage. This way, in the unlikely event that something should happen to it, you will be covered.

  • Why should I choose National Storage to store my motorbike?

    You can rely on National Storage to provide a clean and modern storage unit for your motorbike or scooter. Our friendly team of storage professionals will treat your bike with care and respect. With National Storage, you can expect:

    • Short- or long-term storage options
    • Flexible arrangements
    • Simple and timely access to your motorbike
    • Private undercover storage out of the weather
    • Free, no-obligation quotes.

    Protect your motorbike or scooter with our superior vehicle storage.

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