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Insure Your Belongings for Extra Peace of Mind

Insure Your Belongings for Extra Peace of Mind

Here at National Storage, we have a saying. Well, actually, we have a few! But one of our favourites is: If it’s worth storing, it’s worth insuring.

One of the key benefits of our storage units is that they keep your possessions protected, however in the unlikely event of some misfortune befalling your items, or if Mother Nature strikes, it’s great to know that your goods in storage are covered as per the terms and conditions of the Storers PDS.

Storage Insurance: An Easy Add-On

For your convenience, adding an insurance offering to the contents of your unit is easy. Simply mention that you’d like to do so, and our helpful staff will make it happen!

Get in touch to find out more

Want to discuss the finer details of storage insurance, obtain a copy of the terms and conditions or Storer PDS? Please contact the team at Arthur J. Gallagher & Co (Aus) Limited on (07) 3002-2200 or by sending an email to

Storage Insurance FAQs

  • Do I really need insurance for my storage unit?

    The chances of something happening to your goods while in storage are low, but if you value something enough to keep it safely under lock and key, it’s probably worthwhile taking one extra small step to insure it.

  • Is insurance covered in my hire costs?

    In most situations, no – this is an additional service we offer. However, for some products (such as our premium wine storage), insurance is included. The National Storage staff member you speak with will inform you if this is the case.

  • How much will storage insurance cost me?

    This depends largely on the number and value of things you are storing, so we cannot suggest a number without knowing these details.

    As a guide, click here to view our rate card.

  • What’s covered?

    The Storers PDS covers a wide range of events, including:

    • Fire
    • Malicious or accidental damage
    • Impact
    • Theft via forcible entry
    • Earthquake.

    It’s important to be aware of things that aren’t covered by your policy as well. Your National Storage staff member will tell you if your belongings can’t be insured with us. For example, motor vehicles (such as motorbikes) and watercraft (such as boats) cannot be covered. We will provide you with the full terms and conditions so you can ensure the policy suits your needs. We recommend seeking independent professional advice if you’re unsure.

  • Can the Limits, Exclusions, Terms and Conditions within the Storers PDS be amended in anyway?

    No, Limits, Exclusions, Terms and Conditions within the Storers PDS have been set by our Insurance provider and confirmed by the insurer Starr International (Singapore) Pte Ltd.

  • Is the Storers PDS specific to individual storers needs?

    No it’s up to the Storer to read and understand the information contained within the Storers PDS to see if it is suitable to each individual’s needs.

  • Do I have to get my storage insurance from you?

    While getting Insurance as part of your unit hire is incredibly convenient, we understand you may prefer to take out contents insurance from a provider of your choice. That’s totally fine! As long as you’re happy with your storage arrangements, we’re happy too.

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