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Breaking Into the Locker Room with Jai Arrow

Jai Arrow Interview

What goes on behind the closed doors of the Broncos’ locker room? We probably don’t want to know most of it. But we interviewed some of your favourite players anyway to get some *ahem* insights into life as a Bronx player.

10 Quick Questions with Jai Arrow

Welcome to the family little Koda 🐶🐶❤

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1. What’s been the highlight of your season so far?

Playing the first trial match.

2. What’s your pre-game ritual?

I put my gear on in a certain way.

3. How do you celebrate a big win?

Enjoy the boys’ company.

4. What inspired you to start playing?

My parents.

Really enjoying the experience over here in the U.K. 🇬🇧❄️❄️

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5. If you could be on any team for any sport in the world, which would you choose?

Oklahoma City Thunder NBA.

6. What’s the weirdest thing you’ve seen a teammate keep or do in the locker rooms?

Sammy twerking.

Last year, it was the very same twerking Sam Thaiday who predicted great things ahead for Jai.

7. What rule of your code would you ditch if you could?

The 7 tackle rule.

8. How do you unwind after a season?

I get away overseas.

2017 Season launch with my girl

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9. Do you have a lucky charm?


10. What one word would your teammates use to describe you?


We’re going to assume this is a good thing to be, but we could be wrong. The top definition we could find online is “a gangsta who is both cute and tough”. Or something like that.

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