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Broncos Member’s Day: Unboxing the 2018 Squad

Ah, the familiar scanners as you enter the old Lang Park. It’s like shaking hands with an old family member, and you get that resurgence and excitement for the long season ahead.

For Broncos members, Saturday 20 January, was their chance to get their first look at the 2018 Broncos squad – and what a squad they’ve assembled.

  • Sam Thaiday plays on for his last year as a Bronco.
  • Josh McGuire is coming off his best ever year.
  • The team has been joined by the talented (but sadly blue) Jack Bird.
  • Anthony Milford prepares for his first year as the Bronco’s controlling half.
  • And Corey Oates is back in the fray too.
Broncos Members Day

Such an offer comes along once in a maroon-and-yellow moon, so it’s no wonder Suncorp Stadium was stampeded by thousands of fans. There were pass-the-ball activities, food vendors, stacks of merchandise and the fan’s chance to feature on the big screen at games.

But that’s just the boring stuff.

After all, the coolest stuff in life has its own timetable. Fans on the day had the chance to queue up to have their favourite piece signed by the team. As the day went along, different players entered the mix, so you had the chance to meet all your heroes.

And if signatures aren’t to your taste, the players all made themselves available for photos too.

But pfft. Who needs a photo with a Bronco when you could get a photo with… Mr Boxy, the National Storage Box instead!

NS Box at the Broncos Members Day

And the best bit is – if you were hanging around the National Storage tent, you had a chance to go in the draw to win 1 of 2 signed Brisbane Broncos jerseys. Not bad, right?

National Storage Stall

Have you got plans to meet the Broncos soon? Well, you’ll need an autograph card then, won’t you?

Download yours now