The Rub-Down with Tommy Simsek

Tommy Simsek Melbourne Stars Physio

As much as we all love the Stars, we sadly don’t get to spend much time with them personally. But for Tommy Simsek, that’s just part of the job.

Find out a little about the Stars’ player and culture from their expert physio, who was generous enough to answer our questions.


Interview with Tommy Simsek (Melbourne Stars’ Physio)

Tommy Stars Physio

1. Who’s the funniest player around the sheds?

Dan Worrall for sure. He has a real funny and comedic streak through him and keeps the boys entertained.

But most of the boys around the team have a good sense of humour and are fun to be around.

We’re not sure if Tommy was referring to this or not…


2. Do most players honour how much time they have left in their recovery from injury? Or are most players just focused on getting back as soon as possible?

In general they are keen to get back to playing as soon as possible, but remain professional – and understand that they need to achieve certain milestones to be declared fit. The BBL is only 6 weeks long so if there is an injury the players are frustrated that they miss such a big chunk of Big Bash.


3. With players in the squad like Zampa and Maxwell, is there any pressure to keep these players fit and ready if they’re selected for national teams?

Ideally we want them fit and ready all the time – as they are such valuable assets for the Melbourne Stars.  We want them available for every match for us and hope they are ready to go for Australia when the opportunity arises for them.


4. Who’s the messiest player in the team?

Probably Jimmy Faulkner. The towel on the physio bed never stays on during treatment and he leaves his hair all over the team room when he gets a haircut from his travelling barber.


5. Do you have any handy hints for aspiring bowlers on staying fit and healthy?

Most important for club cricketers is to maintain your general fitness throughout the year as strength and fitness is the best protection from injury.  In addition to this you should start bowling from a few weeks before the season starts and build up your bowling gradually before you play your first game.


6. Is there any secret to recovering from cricket ball bruises?

Ice every 1-2 hours for 15 mins when you first get hit for the 24 hrs. From the 3rd day on you can start rubbing the bruise with Lasonil cream or hirudoid cream 2 to 3 x a day and it will help to break it up.  Also wear as much protection as possible when batting!


7. When are we going to see another video of Bob Quiney dancing?

Never I hope!! Especially if he’s going to wear a wig again while he’s doing it.

You’ve got a point there Tommy…


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