Tips & Hints

Tips & Hints

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Unit Size

Not sure what unit size is right for you? Try our handy space guide to get a better idea.

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Preparation for Storage

To ensure items remain in the condition they were packed in, it is important they're packed correctly. Prepare your items for storage by following our simple tips.

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Check List

We know that moving house can be stressful. Go through this handy checklist and make the transition as smooth as possible.

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Packaging Efficiently

Make the most of your storage space. Pack your items correctly so they’ll be safe and take up less room. Click through to read our storage packing tips.

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We've got you covered

Moving and storing is not always straight forward...

Follow some of our suggestions above to help protect your precious possessions and make the most of your storage space.

Don't forget we're only a phone call or a click away, so ask one of our friendly storage consultants for any assistance you need.

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