Storage Units

A quality storage unit can make a real positive difference for your home or your business. With all your excess items stored securely offsite, you’ll be able to enjoy a tidier house, a clean garage, or a more productive office.

Storage Unit Sizes

You might have a whole garage full of things to clear out, or you might have just a bookcase or two that are starting to overflow. However large or small your storage needs might be, we have a unit to suit you perfectly.

Unit sizes range from lockers to the compact 1.5m x 1.5m (perfect for storing documents or a couple of small furniture items) to the generous 8m x 3m (perfect for vehicles or just about anything else you might need to store!).

National Storage centres will generally have spaces available in the sizes listed below. If you’re not sure which size might suit your needs best, simply call our team of Storage Consultants on 1800 650 423 for your tailored storage solution.

If you know what size you need, get a quick quote from us now.

  • 1.5m x 1.5m

    This unit can hold small furniture, boxes or approximately 80 document archive cartons. Get a quote.

    1.5x1.5 unit size

  • 2m x 3m

    This unit can hold the contents of an average one bedroom apartment. Get a quote

    2x3 unit size

  • 3m x 3m

    This unit can hold the contents of an average two bedroom home – or a larger unit or townhouse. Get a quote.

    3x3 unit size

  • 4.5m x 3m

    This unit can hold the contents of an average three bedroom home – including refrigerator, washing machine, furniture and smaller items. Get a quote.

    4.5x3 unit size

  • 6m x 3m

    This unit will hold the contents of an average three or four bedroom home – or provides ideal secure storage for a car, utility or boat. Get a quote.

    6x3 unit size

  • 8m x 3m

    This unit will hold the contents of a large four or five bedroom home – or provides ideal secure storage for a car, utility or boat. Get a quote.

    8x3 unit size

Storage Units vs Storage Containers

If you need to clear some space from your home or business, you might be tossing up between a self-storage unit and a storage container. While there are some circumstances in which a portable container can be uniquely helpful, a unit located in a storage centre is generally a more convenient, reliable and affordable option.

Self-storage spaces are kept in a secured and managed centre, but this is often not the case for container facilities. While a storage container does give you the option to keep your belongings close at hand on your own property, it’s unlikely that you would want to trade your cluttered home for an unattractive, obtrusive container in your backyard!

When your container is stored remotely, you’ll need to wait for it to arrive whenever you need to access your belongings. One of the great things about self-storage centres is that you can drive in and access your unit any day from early morning to late evening (or, in some cases, at any hour).

You’ll also find that storage containers are essentially built like shipping containers – designed for effective transportation but not so much for long-term storage.

Services Available for Storage Unit Renters

When you choose a National Storage unit, there are a number of handy services you can access. For example, commercial customers can ask us to handle receipt and dispatch of goods for them. Similarly, we can handle and deliver bottles and cases for our wine storage clients. Other attractive add-ons include:

If you’d like to find out more about the storage units we offer, we’re only a phone call or online enquiry away!

Reach us on 1300 297 352 or send us a message.

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