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Our Range of Packaging & moving Supplies

We all know that moving house can be a painful process. The National Storage Box Shop makes this a less stressful experience by providing you with reliable packaging & moving materials, including:

• Moving boxes, packing boxes, bags, blankets and flat packs
• Cartons designed to store specific goods (such as clothing, artworks, monitors and paperwork)
• Mattress and furniture covers
• Bubble wrap, foam, cardboard and packing paper
• Glass socks and wine bottle inserts
• Tape, knives and markers
• Padlocks

Whether you’re moving key items into storage or packing up your whole home, our Box Shop has all the gear to help you make it happen.

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All moved in? Sell your boxes back to National Storage.

You know we sell boxes – but did you know we buy them back, too?

If you’ve just moved into a new home and don’t know what to do with your moving boxes, our box buyback program is the perfect solution.

That’s right – we don’t just sell cardboard boxes. National Storage buys back used boxes bought from our Box Shop, and we sell them again as second-hand boxes. We refund any unused boxes, too.

This gets them off your hands, gets some money back in your pocket, and leaves Mother Nature with a smile on her face.

Box Buyback Program FAQs

So how exactly does it work? We’re glad you asked.

  • Will I need a receipt?

    Yes, you’ll be required to show proof of purchase for your boxes.

  • What condition do the boxes need to be in?

    Your boxes will need to be in reasonable, reusable condition. If you’ve labelled them in marker, that’s fine. But if they’re torn or damaged beyond reuse, they may not be eligible to be bought back.

  • What if I have boxes that I didn’t even use?

    That’s great! We’ll refund them.

  • Why do you buy boxes back?

    Lots of our customers like to use new and used boxes when they move. Plus, it’s kind on the environment.

  • Can I buy some second-hand boxes?

    Of course. All centres offer this – it just depends on availability. Call or visit your local centre to find out if they’ve got any second-hand boxes in stock.

  • How much money will I get back for my boxes?

    If your boxes are deemed in good enough condition to be bought back, this is generally how much you can expect for each returned box:

    • Tea Chest Cartons: $1.00 each
    • Book Cartons: $0.80 each
    • Archive Cartons: $1.00 each
    • Flat Pack Cartons: $1.50 each
    • Picture / Mirror Cartons: $1.50 each
    • Port-a-Robes: $3.50 each
    • Monitor Cartons: $1.50 each.
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