Records Management

How Records Management Can Benefit Your Business

Are piles of paperwork taking over your office space? Sick of never being able to find the files you actually need? National Storage’s document storage could be the solution you’ve been looking for.


With our records management service, you can rely on us to:

  • Accurately catalogue the contents of your boxes
  • Store your documents securely
  • Quickly retrieve and deliver documents to you as required.

Keeping your documents in an off-site storage unit is a great way to clear some much-needed space in your workplace. Whether you have overflowing filing cabinets or folders scattered throughout the office, we can help you get your records organised.


The extra room you create by moving your paperwork off site could:

  • Be turned into a new workstation
  • Make way for a water cooler or coffee machine
  • Become the home of something more useful (such as stationery).

However you choose to use your reclaimed space, you’ll love having the burden of records management taken off your shoulders. And with our professional team organising your files for you, you’ll also enjoy having more time to focus on less tedious aspects of your business.

The Importance of Organised Records Management

As an Australian company, the ATO expects you to hold on to records for at least 5 years. In some industries, this number is higher. In any case, it makes good business sense to retain records for as long as possible – you never know when you might need to refer back to them.

While some businesses have been able to effectively move their record storage online to make things easier, a full digital transition isn’t easy (or possible) for other companies. If your business still has a heavy dependency on physical documents, it’s essential you keep these secure and organised. Otherwise, you could find yourself in legal trouble if your finances get audited.


Document Storage with National Storage

This service is currently offered by our Brisbane City centre and our North Melbourne centre. For more information about this service, call the Brisbane City centre on 07 3211 3506 or the North Melbourne centre on 03 9326 6444.